The Process



We manage the entire process – right from development and production to assembly and testing. Our lengthy and solid experience with stainless steel ensures that the customer is getting the best quality, the lowest risk and optimized process management.


Risk Management

All projects are planned, monitored and managed based on milestones of an efficient risk model. We get users, customers, suppliers and other project parties involved on a basis of their individual wishes and needs.


Quality Assurance

We keep a constant focus on deviation management and adaption of the product environment in order to ensure the best and highest quality. We adapt production in accordance with the project size and complexity.



Our sales department balance the customer’s expectations before the project start. We focus particularly on specifications, costs, the products and quality.


Process Optimization

We are working on reducing case handling time by 20%, reducing time spent on a single task by 30% and reducing cost of energy by 5% – without compromising the quality management.


Production Flow

Our goal is to increase the value for the customer by using as few resources as possible. This could be achieved through directly saving and/or maximizing production exchange and quality.