Ferreo's history

Ferreo was founded by C. Aa. Sørensen in 1948 and the following year H. A. Christensen became co-owner. Together they managed Ferreo until 1968 when H. A. Christensen passed away. The founder ran the business alone up until 1982 where the first acquisition took place and was carried out by the engineer Steen Erik Snitkjær Nielsen. He had the business in approximately five years until the second acquisition happened in 1988. The new owner, Peter Sørensen, was not only an engineer, he was also the grandchild of Ferreo’s founder, and he ran the firm until the third acquisition in 2016, which was made by Mads Klyhn Johannsen and Frank Nielsen.

Third time proved to be a success for Ferreo: With the new directors in charge the demand for Ferreo’s products increased, the number of employees went from 9 to 40, and the production facilities expanded to 4,500 m2. All of this within the first year.

The 12th November 2018 Ferreo was taken over by Bema A/S.

Ferreo close to 70th anniversary

In 2018 Ferreo can celebrate its 70th anniversary – a milestone in the firm’s knowledge and experience in the industry, which ensures the best product solutions for the customers.

Ferreo’s product line have through the years been stainless steel constructions of any kind, which is why the company got the name Ferreo. The word originates from the Latin word ‘ferreus’, which means iron.
The products include evaporators, heat exchangers, fluid beds, neutralisation tanks, silo tanks, pressure tanks, water tanks, nozzle pipe, drying chambers, cyclones, racks, and ducts.

All Ferreo’s products are made in close collaboration with the customer.

See pictures of historical and contemporary products on the page Products.

Historical overview


Ferreo expands

Ferreo moves from Kolding to Bjert and expands with 4,500m2.


Third acquisition

Ferrero is bought by Mads Klyhn Johansen, MA. Merc. Int. Business,
and Frank Nielsen, engineer and EBA (Engineering Business Adm.)


Name change

Ferreo A/S Maskin- og beholderfabrik changes name to Ferreo A/S.


Name change

The company changes name to Ferreo A/S Maskin- og beholderfabrik.


New location

Ferreo moves from Middelfart to Kolding.


Second acquisition

Ferrero is bought by the founder’s grandson, engineer Peter Sorensen.


First acquisition

Ferrero is bought by engineer Steen Erik Snitkjær Nielsen.


Co-owner passes away

Co-owner H.A Christensen passes away. Founder C. Aa. Sørensen runs the business alone until 1982.



Engineer H.A. Christensen becomes co-owner.



Founder C. Aa. Christensen founds Ferrero.