About Ferreo

Ferreo A/S has supplied process equipment since 1948 to different industries, like the pharmaceutical, food and wind industry… Ferreo takes care of the whole process – right from development and production to assembly and testing. We operate based on 4 basic fundamental concepts: Know-how, Risk Management, Quality Assurance and Process Optimization.

 Ferreo A/S is approved by the Danish Veterinary & Food Administration.

Inspection reports

  1. Know How - since 1948

    Ferreo A/S has been around since 1948, delivering steel structures and process equipment for various industries, including the pharmaceutical, food and wind industry. We’ll take care of the entire process – right from the development and production to the assembly and testing. Ferreo’s long history and solid experience in stainless steel ensures the best possible quality, lowest risk and optimum process control for the customer.

  2. Risk Management

    Ferreo A/S has developed its own process control system based on Prince II certification. Our processes are based on many years of experience and a safe distribution of roles and responsibilities during each project where we involve the user, customer, supplier and other project stakeholders. All projects are planned, monitored and managed based on milestones of an efficient risk model.

  3. Quality Assurance

    Quality is a key concept for Ferreo A/S. We keep a constant focus on deviation management and adaption of the product environment in order to ensure the best and highest quality. We set up the project-specified tolerances in order to ensure that we always have the right basis on which to decide the process ahead, and we adapt production in accordance with the project size and complexity.

  4. Process Optimization

    The overall goal of the Ferreo A/S management is to increase the value for the customer using as few resources as possible. This can be achieved by directly saving and/or maximizing production exchange and quality. We continuously work on reducing the processing, project and production time as well as energy costs – all while not compromising on quality assurance.