Ferreo updates

June 15, 2018

Yet again Ferreo produces and delivers two large evaporators

Back in October 2017 Ferreo delivered to large evaporators to a client in Karup. Six months went and yet another delivery of two evaporators was ready to be shipped – this time to Brande, Denmark.

Last year a shipment of two evaporators to a customer in Karup was made and straight afterwards another order for two new evaporators was made. The requirements were the same with the regard to the height, weight and purpose. The project was completed last month and was thereafter shipped to another potato starch factory in Brande, Denmark.

The evaporators are large and each of them measures 35 meters in length and 5.5 meters in diameter. In total they weigh 300 tons – 150 tons each. The size and weight of one evaporator is therefore bigger and heavier than a blue whale.

Ferreo is happy and proud of being able to produce such large and spectacular stainless-steel process equipment to customers both in Denmark and abroad.

If you missed the news about the two evaporators back in October 2017, you can read about it here.

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