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May 14, 2018

Ferreo Service replaces old tanks with new ones

Over time, equipment needs to be renewed. It may be due to wear or the need for more effective solutions. Renewal is exactly what Ferreo and Ferreo Service has had the task of facilitating for a customer in Denmark.

Recently, Ferreo completed a project consisting of two syrup tanks, aimed at replacing the old ones. The old tanks had been used for more than 40 years for which reason they needed to be replaced with new ones. In addition to the pleasure of receiving brand new syrup tanks, the tanks are expanding the existing capacity by 30% for the customer at the same premises.

Last month, Ferreo Service completed the actual replacement, which consisted of the following tasks:

  • Design of the new setup
  • Setting up the work environment so operations can still be run on the plant
  • Demolition of the old instillation
  • Handling the equipment both in and out of the site
  • Welding the tanks on site
  • Piping
  • Clean-up
Ferreo Service ApS

Ferreo Service offers various services for existing and new customers consisting of project management, grinding, assembly on site, wrapping, transportation and crane service. If you are interested in hearing more about Ferreo Service, please contact Ferreo at mail ferreo@ferreo.dk or call +45 75 50 99 77.

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