Ferreo updates

March 8, 2018

Another project completed

Ferreo produces a variety of stainless steel process equipment and some of the most common types of products that Ferreo makes are evaporators and water tanks of different dimensions. Recently the company completed yet another project – and it is neither a water tank nor an evaporator…

The week before last Ferreo finished one of many projects that the company constantly is working on. The project is a heat exchanger, which consists of various steam sections that – through a manifold – spreads the steam throughout the different steam sections. Subsequently the damp is being condensed and directed towards the condensation cooler, which preheats the air before it is directed to the surface.

To put it more simply; the purpose of the heat exchanger is, through saturated steam, to heat process air.

The exchangers dimensions are approximately 3.6 meters in height, 3.5 meters in length, and 1.4 meters in width.

If you are interested in seeing pictures of the heat exchanger, click here. At the link it is also possible to see a selection of Ferreo’s many other projects over time.

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