Ferreo updates

March 1, 2018

Last years move optimizes the workflow

Shortly after the change of ownership in 2016, Ferreo experienced an increase in the demand for stainless steel process equipment. The growing demand resulted in the need for more employees as well as more space on the production site. To remedy the situation, Ferreo chose to change their location and thereby expand the production facilities. A decision with positive consequences.

The new, larger, and more modern facilities have first and foremost enabled the company to meet the high demand for their products, and furthermore given the company the opportunity to produce larger and far more complicated steel solutions to their customers.

The expansions importance to the employees

The positive consequences of expanding the production facilities have improved the working conditions: “Besides the fact that the new facilities allow Ferreo to launch more projects, the entire workflow on the individual projects have become more manageable” an employee says and continues “everything has been optimized, which means that we have more resources and tools available to do our work. It is definitely easier now than before”.

The director’s decision last year about expanding the facilities, turned out to be a good decision for the company itself, the employees, and especially the customers.

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