Ferreo updates

February 14, 2018

Ferreo quality assures products through the whole process

Quality assurance and photo documentation of products can be a time-consuming routine for many companies, but Ferreo is using a new and more efficient solution that saves many hours of unnecessary work.

To ensure the quality of Ferreo’s products while documenting the entire process, a digital system have been customized for the company. A system that ensures a fast and systematic documentation of the work performed at Ferreo, which also ensures a compliance of the contracted quality demands. The system reduces risks, misunderstandings, and errors that could otherwise occur.

The whole process is, by using this new and effective solution, streamlined, which means that both Ferreo and customers save time and money.
Photos and documents are easily collected in one single digital system, which can be accessed both online and offline by the involved project partners.

For further information about the quality assurance system, feel free to contact Ferreo by mail ferreo@ferreo.dk or phone +45 75 50 99 77.

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