Ferreo updates

January 15, 2018

Thank you for a great year

2017 has been an eventful year consisting of an expansion of the production facilities, a delivery of stainless steel process equipment to Germany and Spain among others, a new member to the management team, and a celebration of a colleague’s 25th anniversary in the company. All owing to Ferreo’s many business partners.

The highlights of 2017 are many, but if you ask the two directors, Mads Johannsen and Frank Nielsen, what the absolute highlight of the year was, the answer is clear: the delivery of the two large evaporators to Karup, Denmark. A large order which also caught the media’s interest. If you missed the Update about the evaporators, you can read about it here.

High spirit and hard work also characterized 2017

As a thank you for the efforts of the employee’s, Ferreo has also held several staff events during the past year. Events where the spirit was always high and the atmosphere informal.

Back in October, the employee’s dedicated work on the evaporators was honored with an afternoon, which was devoted to Mexican street food. A food truck (a larger vehicle with build-in kitchen) visited Ferreo and served delicious food ad libitum to Ferreo’s employees.

Giving back to the employees is an important element at Ferreo:
“Mads and I put great virtue in taking care of our employees, and we go a long way to helping them. If you show that you would like to be here, then we will also help – even if it means going beyond wages and general rights” says Frank Nielsen and continues “we want to create flexibility and freedom with responsibility, and we trust our employees, until proven otherwise”.

 A new year with new opportunities

A new year has begun, which also means new opportunities. For example, Ferreo has invested further in the employee area with the aim to maintain and increase employee motivation, and ultimately make Ferreo a desirable and preferred workplace.

In addition, an order from a leading Danish company has been made, which Mads Johannsen and Frank Nielsen hope will result in a great potential for further growth in the company.

All in all, it bodes well for Ferreo in the coming year, and Ferreo Update will continue to ensure that important news is available for Ferreo’s many valued partners.

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