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November 10, 2017

Michael Panikovski celebrated his 25th anniversary

Last week Michael Panikovski celebrated his 25th anniversary at a reception at Ferreo where business partners, family, colleagues, friends, and familiars attended to celebrate Panikovski’s many years of service in the company.

At November 1st, 1992, 26-year-old Panikovski started at Ferreo. He was working in the production site as a boilermaker, but the following year he was moved to the administration part of the company. Here he began working as a works manager and order processor – a position Panikovski have possessed with dignity ever since. The only difference today is the job title, which has been more internationalised: Production & Procurement Manager.

Ferreo wants to thank everyone who took the time to be a part of the day, which had the aim to mark an important milestone for Michael Panikovski.

To see more pictures from the reception, click here or click on the picture below.

Michael Panikovski 25 års jubilæum

Michael Panikovski – 25th anniversary at Ferreo

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